Best Mobile Apps of 2012

As this year comes to a close, we would like to take a moment and reflect on this year’s mobile apps we liked, loved, and couldn’t imagine life without that helped get us through 2012.  This is our list of the best apps of 2012 that make work easier, when you’re on the go.

  1. Skype – Keep the conversation going as you move from the desktop to the commute home. Everyone agrees that Skype’s free mobile app, with free Skype-to-Skype calling is hands down the easiest way to communicate with team members off-site.    Available for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone and iPad.
  2. Box – We can’t get enough of the features of the file-sharing cloud service Box, such as document collaborating, task assignments, and password protected files.  And now that Box is available on Android, iPhone, and iPad finding files, uploading media, and collaborating with colleagues is even faster.
  3. Wikipanion – This application, only available for iOS for now, is a faster way to connect to all things Wikipedia.  For quick research on the go, Wikipanion has a better interface experience than your computer version and has personal features in settings like language and font size, (with the paid version for $4.99 you can save pages for later viewing too), as well as an off-line mode.
  4. Google Maps – After Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, publicly apologized for the Apple Maps debacle, Google’s Maps application landed as we were grasping for a single reliable app for automobile and transit commuting.  It’s smooth and smart and oh-so-”Google.”
  5. SignEasy – Need a contract signed by 5pm and you’re offsite by 4:30?  SignEasy is a simple and convenient solution controlled by a swipe of your finger on your mobile device.  Close the deal a day early and forget overnight shipping, or scanning and emailing?  We’ll get behind that.

    Baby's Touch Christmas Version

  6. Baby’s Touch – This app isn’t necessarily a tool for the office, but sometimes it’s a good idea to take a break and zone out to a soothing, mindless game.  This app, designed for toddlers and available for iPad and iPhone, is a great blend of entertainment and ease to zone out to, when you need a little zen.  Try the new Holiday version.
  7. Rappel – We love Basecamp and their email notifications allow you to stay connected after you leave your desk.  But this project management tool and Rappel integrates your iPhone or iPad with the Basecamp Next API and lets you keep tabs on tasks, team members, upload files, and join discussions from anywhere.
  8. Hootsuite – Did you know that 79 of the Fortune Top 100 companies have HootSuite accounts?  Manage all social media outlets from the Android, Blackberry, or iPhone platform, and the possibilities keep getting bigger and better, that there’s no reason to not try the 30-day free trial.
  9. Yammer – Like Twitter but for your team, Yammer is a private networking application available across most platforms.  Organize groups to feed conversations to the right team, tag conversations, as well as send a private IM.  Best of all Yammer also integrates with some of the world’s well-known enterprises like Salesforce, HootSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and Google applications.
  10. iThoughtsHD – Originally released in 2010, we decided iThoughtsHD, new this year, deserved a spot on our list.  Available on iPad and iPhone, this mindmapping application is a virtual brainstorming board with a simple and intuitive ways to organize thoughts and ideas.  Never lose a fledgling idea as well as break down that big picture concept into bite-sized pieces, and get it done.

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